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About Kingston Travel & Tourism and Services


Kingston Travel & Tourism and Services is a global leading corporate travel Management Company. Kingston Travel & Tourism and Services, the excess demand and challenging business world, is a high-quality service organization that remains unpaid to the wishes of customers.


Our field activities include domestic and International travel, especially in the Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf States and the Far East countries. In Istanbul and around the major hotels via our Mercan Tourism.


Our company is constantly working 365 days in various areas, we have Turkish, English and Arabic speaking staff

Visa Services

Kingston Travel & Tourism and Services

Our Objectives

Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as to provide our customers with accurate and reliable information

To lead the industry in innovation and continuously improve our progress in corporate and individual areas

To be a follower of the developments and innovations in the world.

01 / 03 / 2016


Jabor Square, 2nd Floor

Al Markhiya Street

Next to Tawar Mall

Opposite of Dahl Al Hamam Park

Meeting and Event Management

Corporate Travel Management

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